Beat the Heat with Horse Popsicles

Posted by Aaron Taylor on

Yeah, it's HOT. Whether you are riding in the wee hours of the morning to try to beat the heat or taking the weekend off to chill out, frozen treats are a welcome part of the day. It's easy enough for you to grab a slushie, popsicle, ice cream cone or frozen margarita, but what about your horse? 

It's a snap to make horse popsicles, and any help with hot weather hydration is a plus, so why not give it a try. There are myriad recipes online (and some really bad videos on YouTube...), but honestly, it is this simple: Fill a plastic cup or food storage container with some apple and carrot chunks, add a bit of gatorade or unsweetened apple juice diluted with water, freeze, remove cup and serve.

You are the chef, here, so
mix it up as you like--grate the carrots/apples and add some oats, include a dollop of unsweetened applesauce, a couple of peppermints or a spoonful of molasses. Just make sure the ingredients are all horse-safe, and not too sugary. You can put the popsicle in your horse's feed tub, hand feed (freeze a carrot in the center as a "stick" to hold), or you can freeze bailing twine into the popsicle itself and hang it from the stall bars.

If your horse doesn't engage with the popsicle, not much lost--plus he/she will likely eat all the chilled fruit and veggie chunks after it melts. Want in on the action?
Whip up some popsicles for yourself, too. Stay cool out there! 

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