Boots & Half Chaps

Fashionable riding footwear to keep your feet both feeling and looking great. Please note that the items here represent only a sampling of what we carry in-store, and fitting tall boots in particular is complex and requires expertise. Please contact us or visit the store so our team can help you!
Dubarry Galway Tall Boot-Boots-Dubarry-36-Walnut-Manhattan Saddlery
Dubarry Kildare Boot-Boots-Dubarry-35-Walnut-Manhattan Saddlery
Ariat Men's Devon Zip Paddock Boot-Boots-Ariat-Black-7-Manhattan Saddlery
DeNiro Amabile Field Boot-Boots-DeNiro-37-M-C-Manhattan Saddlery
Save $ 0.99
DeNiro Italo Field Boot-Boots-DeNiro-34-XXS-C-Manhattan Saddlery
Ariat Women's Kendall Pro Paddock Boot-Boots-Ariat-5.5-Manhattan Saddlery
Penelope Chilvers Inclement Cropped Tassel Boot-Boots-Penelope Chilvers-Seaweed/Conker-36-Manhattan Saddlery
Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boot Leather-Boots-Penelope Chilvers-Conker-36-Manhattan Saddlery