Saddle Trials & Fitting

We are happy to offer saddle trials for a period of 7 business days to any customer located within the continental United States. For more details on trials, see below. 

For our customers located within driving distance of NYC, we offer in-person saddle fitting. Our saddle fitter will work with you to select potential saddle options for you and your horse, then bring them to you to assess fit in the comfort of your own barn.

If we don't have the saddle you are looking for, please reach out to us - we can often source consignment saddles from our network, or demos from our vendors for you to try, including Prestige, Stubben, Equiline, Pessoa, PDS Carl Hester, and more. We also offer free trials on Freejump Soft'Up stirrups.

Please call (212) 673-1400 or email to inquire about arranging a trial or fitting. 

Saddle Trial Terms 

We are happy to offer trial periods of seven (7) days on all saddles for sale.

We require all trial saddles be paid for in full via credit card before the saddle is picked up or shipped. If you would like the saddle shipped, we charge a non-refundable $34.95 shipping fee.

This trial period commences the day the saddle is picked up, or the day a shipped saddle delivers to your address, and ends seven days later.

If you are sending the saddle back, please send us a tracking number confirming return shipment on or before the final day of your trial. The customer is responsible for all return shipping costs, and we suggest insuring the package for the full value of the saddle.

The full value of the saddle, less any applicable shipping fees, will be refunded back to your card promptly after the saddle arrives back at Manhattan Saddlery and has been assessed for any damage incurred while on trial.

If the saddle is returned damaged, marked up, torn, stained, dinged, scratched, or has otherwise depreciated in value while on trial, your refund will be  for the value of the saddle less the value of the damage or depreciation and any applicable shipping fees. If the saddle is severely damaged, we will not issue a refund. Assessment of damage and amount of refund are solely at Manhattan Saddlery’s discretion.

If the saddle is not returned to Manhattan Saddlery or we have not been sent a tracking number by end of business on the 7th day of your trial, we consider the saddle sold and will not accept a return or issue a refund.

Trials can be extended under certain circumstances such as very severe weather, rider or horse injury, etc. If you need a few extra days, please contact us to request this before the final day of your trial. Extension requests made on the 7th day of the trial will not be granted.

Please abide by the below instructions to ensure that the saddle remains in new, re-sellable condition:

  • When trying a saddle, please ride in breeches and not jeans.
  • Do not ride in the rain or place the saddle on a rack that will damage it.
  • Always use a clean saddle pad and keep the saddle free of sweat marks.
  • Do not apply any leather products to the saddle until you purchase it.
  • Store saddle safely in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Save the original shipping carton and original packing materials. If the saddle must be returned it is your responsibility to package it in a secure box that will withstand shipping.
  • New saddles only: wrap the stirrup leathers in a thick layer of Vetwrap or in tube socks, and ride for a maximum of 15-20 minutes to determine comfort for you and your horse.

All saddles sold by Manhattan Saddlery are sold in “AS IS” condition and are final sale. Manhattan Saddlery does not offer any guarantee or warranty on used saddles.