Thoroughbred Influence on Modern Jumpers

Posted by Aaron Taylor on

Justify-mania, a huge national makeover contest, competition classes at Tryon and other prestigious shows, an Instagram breed celebration with The Hampton Classic--Thoroughbreds seem to be all over the news lately. Guess what? They're all over our horse pedigrees, too! Many breeds, including Selle Francais, Holstein, Dutch and Belgian Warmblood, Hanoverian, Westphalian and Anglo-Arab, contain a good share of Thoroughbred blood.

The Thoroughbred Heritage site traces some of the most impact-making TB sires on flat racing, steeplechase and show jumping, revealing the influence of studs with names like Orange Peel (1919), Son in Law (1911), Dark Ronald (1905) and many others on our modern day hunter/jumper champions. Our friend Bernie Traurig has even put together a tribute video honoring TB sporthorses.

Thoroughbreds themselves are a mix of Barb, Turk and Arabian. Regardless of your horse's background, just think of all the exotic genetics beneath you during your next lesson, trail jaunt or show outing...usually won over with a simple carrot! Pictured above is Wild Dayrell in one of the earliest-known photos (1855!) of a Thoroughbred.

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