Epona Tiger's Tongue Groomer

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The Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer™ is a multi-tasker that tackles, dirt, debris, and sweat marks with ease! This grooming stone is uniquely designed to work like a cat's tongue. It cleans deeply while providing your horse with a stimulating massage they will love. The Tiger's Tongue wipes away caked dirt and dander without dust clouds, erases saddle pad marks, cleans white markings and dirty hoof walls, and can also be used to scrub water buckets! One thing that can clean horses coats, hooves, and help you tidy up around the barn? We're sold!
  • Cleans dirt and dander without creating dust clouds.
  • Gives your horse a stimulating massage.
  • Cleans white markings, saddle pad marks, and dirty hoof walls
  • Can be used to clean bits, feed buckets, and water buckets
  • Comes vacuum sealed and expands on opening