LeMieux Kudos Grackle Bridle

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Color Havana
Size Pony

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The LeMieux Grackle Bridle is a fine example of the style with the browband and noseband both featuring decorative stitching and soft padding for comfort on the brow and along the bridge of the nose.

It comes with interchangeable padding at the back of the nosepiece with the option of merino wool or a soft leather cushion. A featured D-ring on noseband allows the pieces to sit smoothly against the horse's cheeks and jaw. This helps to provide a tailored fit for different jaw shapes and the back strap can move independently.

The LeMieux Bridles are made from beautifully soft European leather and feature an anatomically shaped headpiece with soft padded cut away around the ears and poll to aid in the distribution of pressure, maximising comfort.