Meet Our Team

Our team of lifelong equestrians looks forward to providing you with a personal shopping experience. You can read more about us, below. Please drop in anytime, 10am-7pm, seven days a week, and we'll be happy to help you. Or, get in touch to schedule a fitting.
Shelby is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she was captain of the equestrian team. She has been a competitive rider for the past four years, but has always had a love of horses. She is a photographer who specializes in Equine Portraiture. She has been an exercise rider for a handful of barns, and loves to compete in Ocala during the winter. In her free time, she loves cuddling with her mare Chanel and writing music adapted from Shakespeare.
Favorite discipline: Hunters
Favorite barn memory: When I walked my first horse off of the trailer and into his new home.
Dream horse: Gazelle or High Society
Favorite thing about horses: They always know exactly what we need, whether it’s a cuddle on a bad day or challenging us to be a better rider to let us know when we need to change a habit or choose better distances.
Shop favorites: Equiline Ash Breech (in every color)
Mary is currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she is majoring in Fashion Business Management

with a double minor in Economics and English. She loves competing, and wants to have horses in her life forever. In her free time, she loves oil painting and practicing her embroidery.


Favorite discipline: Jumpers
Favorite riding accomplishment: When I lost a stirrup during a round and kept riding anyway.
Dream horse: Secretariat
Favorite thing about horses: They are patient and not afraid to tell you how they feel.
Shop favorites: Samshield Shadow Matte

Lauren has been riding since the age pictured, with dreams of becoming an event rider for Team USA. She fell in love with dressage and often could be seen practicing tests with her less-than-enthused mare, Missy.


Favorite discipline: 3-Day Eventing
Dream horse: A leggy, black Dutch Warmblood (or Valegro)
Favorite barn memory: When she taught her campers how to braid a mane when she was a counselor in high school (and also when all they wanted to do was put glitter on their horses).
Favorite thing about horses: The connection between horse and rider, the moments in the saddle where the harmony between them seems effortless.
Shop favorites: Star Lady Shadow from Kask (though she fondly remembers the days of showing in a velvet helmet)
Shulian is a graduate of Bard College, where she majored in Photography and competed in the IHSA. She has been obsessed with horses since she watched Spirit when she was four years old. She loves working at the shop because she gets to be surrounded by people who share her love of horses-- a rarity in NYC! Street to stable style has always been important to her, and loves being able to bring that to the store.
Favorite discipline: Dressage
Dream horse: Valegro
Favorite riding accomplishment: Riding on the team at Bard
Favorite thing about horses: Everything goes away when I’m at the barn.
Shop favorites: House Label Claremont Belt 

Evy began riding at summer camp when she was six years old. She grew up competing in the jumpers, and eventually started competing in the Equitation when she went to college and was a member of the IHSA at the Pratt Institute. Here, she helped develop the team from a club sport into an intercollegiate team. Evy is currently representing Pratt as an alumni in the IHSA.

Favorite discipline: Jumpers (but I’m learning to love the Equitation)
Favorite riding accomplishment: Leasing a green horse, which taught me a lot about myself as a rider.
Dream horse: Prancer from the Saddle Club
Favorite thing about horses: Their soft noses!
Shop favorites: Nunn Finer Sure Grip Reins