A curated collection of high-performance, comfortable breeches and tights, in both knee-patch and full-seat styles. Please note that the items here represent only a sampling of what we carry in-store. To learn about our full selection, please visit or call the store.
Penélope New Rocky Breeches-Breeches-Pénélope-Beige-FR36/US24-Manhattan Saddlery
Penélope Point Sellier Breeches-Breeches-Pénélope-Black-34-Manhattan Saddlery
RJ Classics Girls' Avery Breech-Breeches-RJ Classics-Crown Blue-8-Manhattan Saddlery
RJ Classics Gracie Knee Patch Breech-Breeches-RJ Classics-Evening Blue-22-Manhattan Saddlery
RJ Classics Hayden Silicone Knee Patch Breech-Breeches-RJ Classics-Sand-22-Manhattan Saddlery
Struck Ladies' 50 Series Breech-Breeches-Struck-Beige-22-Manhattan Saddlery
Struck Men's 50 Series Breeches-Breeches - Mens - Knee Patch-Struck-Beige-28-Manhattan Saddlery
Tory Leather Velcro Jodphur Straps-Apparel-Tory Leather-S-Black-Manhattan Saddlery