Horse Mustaches--Truth or Fiction?

Posted by Aaron Taylor on

Move over cats, because horses with mustaches are taking over the internet. Well, not really. But a recent piece on everyone's favorite time wasting site, Bored Panda, exposed the hirsute horses to the world. Reviews were mixed, with comments ranging from "vile" to "kinda cute." One thing all agreed on was that if their own horses ever were ever to grow such a lip embellishment, immediate shaving would be in order.

As fast as the post appeared, net watchdog Snopes was all over the issue like a dachshund with a bag of Twizzlers. Were the horses real or the product of Photoshop-savvy Sam Elliott fans with too much time on their hands? The verdict: REAL. (Note: They are mostly Gypsy Vanners.)

Bored Panda author Marija Bernatonyte purports that looking at--in fact even contemplating the existence of--mustachioed horses is an antidote to sadness. We've heard of worse remedies.

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