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Speed Air 2X
Speed Air 2X


Speed Air 2X

$ 634.95

Brand new for 2016, the Speed Air 2X is an updated version of GPA's ever-popular Speed Air helmet. 

The primary new feature is the redesigned, padded, premium leather harness with a self-locking buckle. This new harness provides a more stable and secure feel. 

Technologically advanced performance materials allow GPA to make some of the lightest and strongest equestrian helmets on the market. The outer shell consists of a knock proof plastic compound material and the inner shell is high density polystyrene, for maximum shock absorption. The Coolmax liner is removable and washable, with antimicrobial protection, and is thicker on the sides than the top, for comfort where you need it without added bulk. 

Conforms to the new CE (European Commission) Certification for highest safety requirements.GPA test results are, on average, 20% higher than those recommended by safety standards. Helmets are also tested privately by Italian laboratories for additional safety assurance.