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Portos Elite S


Portos Elite S

$ 3,595.00

Created with the hunter, jumper and foxhunter in mind, the Portos Elite S is the newest jump saddle from Stubben and has all the balance and quality that are hallmarks of Stubben, with 21st century comfort and aesthetics.

Stubben's innovative design has created a superb close contact feel. A new, fully integrated half panel allows maximum movement of the horse's shoulders as well as a close feel for the rider. Pre-formed flaps over the front blocks and shaped padding at the knees give the rider grip and comfort. The flap covering the thigh block is also soft leather, so no waiting for the flap to break in and mold! 

The famed, lightweight Stubben is covered with a special soft, grippy leather for a secure seat. Crafted by hand in Switzerland, Stubben saddles use the finest vegetable tanned, aniline dyed, full grain German leather suppleness and longevity. 

Not sure it'll fit? We offer saddle trials to customers within the continental United States! Please call or email for more information on saddle trials. 

Mocca color. 17.5" seat, 29 tree.