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Mouth Butter


Mouth Butter

$ 4.95

An easy and safe way to keep your horse's sensitive mouth and lips protected while riding, Effol Mouth Butter encourages the bit to slide more freely into a comfortable position in your horse's mouth.  This sweet smelling butter is easy to apply, simply rub it on the bit and the corners of your horse's mouth!  Helps to increase acceptance, salivation, and chewing activity while riding.


  • Smells and Tastes Great
  • Softens and Soothes Corners of the Mouth
  • Allows Bit to Slide Easily in Mouth
  • Encourages Acceptance, Chewing, and Salivation\
Rub generous quantities of Effol Mouth Butter into the corners of the horse's mouth before and after riding. When applied to the bit, Effol Mouth Butter encourages the horse to accept the bit better.