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Dublin Jumper
Dublin Jumper - Manhattan Saddlery
Dublin Jumper - Manhattan Saddlery

Berney Brothers

Dublin Jumper

$ 1,550.00

This traditionally styled jumping saddle is substantially more forward cut than the rest of the Berney line, allowing the rider to comfortably ride with a short stirrup length by providing the rider with more span between the hip and knee. Long-legged riders, your search is over! 

As with all of Berney’s saddles, this saddle is made with a medium deep laminated beech wood spring tree that is strength tested to the British Safety Standard. By using a spring tree we were able to achieve added shock absorbency while keeping the saddle lightweight. The tree is designed with a reinforced gullet plate for extra strength and a sloped head to better accommodate the horses withers.

The material used to achieve the ultimate comfort and welfare for the horse is the fully leather lined panels flocked with pure new wool. The biggest advantage that this material provides against others is that it spreads the weight of impact over a bigger surface area allowing the horse full use of themselves. Pure new wool also retains its spring and shock absorbency over time and molds to the shape of the horses back compensating for horses changing shape throughout the season.

This saddle is designed with an open seat and a traditionally styled round cantle, which gives a very secure seat. The saddle has soft knee pads to give maximum grip and comfort to the rider when jumping. It also features four saddle Ds on the front and back, ideal for hunting and cross country.

Berney Brothers Saddlery have been making saddles by hand in Kildare, Ireland since 1880, and their work is iconic in Ireland and the UK. Each of their saddles is imbued with five generations of expert knowledge - the Berney family has horses, and saddlemaking, in their blood. Manhattan Saddlery is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Berney Brothers. 

18" medium tree.

Not sure it'll fit? We offer saddle trials to customers within the continental United States! Please call or email for more information on saddle trials.