Carbon Gel Vento Hind Boots-Horse Boots-Veredus-M-Black-Manhattan Saddlery
Carbon Gel Vento Hind Boots-Horse Boots-Veredus-L-Black/Ivory-Manhattan Saddlery
$ 244.95


Carbon Gel Vento Hind Boots


Veredus Carbon Gel Vento boots are the first boots to guarantee double ventilation. More dangerous than any impact is the effect of heat buildup on your horse's legs. Veredus Vento Boots release heat through their exclusive double ventilation system in which cool air is drawn in through the bottom vents and heat is released through the top vents. Air circulation within the boot is aided with Aerox microperforated neoprene and 3D Mesh Ducted fabric.

Sizing suggestion: Veredus boots run a bit big, and we find Medium fits most cannon bones that measure 7 1/2” to 9 1/2” including stock breeds, Thoroughbreds and most warmbloods. Large typically fits very large warmbloods and draft crosses.

  • Inner layer of Aerox microperforated neoprene
  • Mid layer of 3D mesh ducted fabric
  • Double density shell for impact protection
  • Anti shock Carbon strike plate at the rear prevents damage from a hind hoof and absorbs impact
  • Nitrex gel behind the carbon plate absorbs shock and provides cushioning
  • Air inlet at the fetlock
  • Hot air release extractor flue at the top rear
  • Front straps feature a quick release tip for easy on/off
  • Anatomically shaped shell for comfort and a rub free fit
  • Made in Italy