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Cal Rei Correction Pad - Manhattan Saddlery

Cal Rei

Cal Rei Correction Pad

$ 145.00

Cal Rei's corrective half pad is composed of two interconnected layers of innovation 3D Spacer material. Inside these layers Cal Rei have designed 6 pockets that can be filled with included 3D spacer shims to adjust the pad to perfectly fit the horse's back, add width where needed, or add a front or back rise.

3D Spacer fabric is made up by millions of polyester fibers that interweave the upper and lower layers, acting as an air cavity with a thermo-regulating effect. This interweaving of individual horizontal and vertical fibers makes this fabric unique, creating an open and elastic structure, ensuring perfect support and correct maintenance of the shape. These microfilaments adapt to the body perfectly.

3D Spacer provides maximum airflow and humidity regulation, providing a dry and healthy environment, and with the exceptional provision of renewed oxygen and without accumulating humidity or heat, undesirable during the training or your horse.

The 3D Spacer fabric distributes the pressure on the horse as no other material, evenly spreading out the weight all along its surface, preventing the rebound effect and providing maximum comfort.

The internal microfilaments make its adaptability perfect for each position and movement of the body. The pressure on the product manufactured with 3D Spacer is absorbed and perfectly distributed, enabling comfortable, very cool training. Said products provide perfect stability, support and distribution of the pressure.

With the passing of time and after daily use, all types of residue (skin scales, traces of sweat, dust, etc…) accumulate in the inside of the horse riding textile products, blankets, saddle blankets, bandages, etc. The filament structure of the 3D Spacer prevents these residues from sticking to the interior, giving as a result an environment free from mites, bacteria and fungi, without the need of applying noxious substances, thus preventing possible allergic reactions.

The special characteristics of this material facilitate effortless cleaning, simply by submerging the fabric in the water, without needing a washing machine. Thanks to its open structure, drying the fabric is also easy, safe and fast.

Sizing tip: if you want the pad visible under your saddle in use, as most Americans do, size up from your saddle's size. A 16.5" or 17" saddle looks nice with an 18" pad, a 17.5" in a 19" pad, and an 18" saddle in a 20" pad. If you'd prefer the end of the pad to be flush with the saddle panels, choose the closest size to your saddle's size.