Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray-Healthcare-Leovet-Manhattan Saddlery
$ 18.50


Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray

Zinc Oxide Spray from Leovet® protects cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds while promoting healing. This is the perfect solution for wounds in awkward spots that are hard to bandage. Use this spray to create a protective barrier from dirt, bugs, water, and urine. Zinc Oxide spray dries wound secretions and soothes the irritated skin while still allowing the skin to breathe. It also disinfects and promotes natural skin regeneration which speeds healing time. An easy and effective answer to everyday nicks, cuts, and scrapes. Leovet® Zinc Oxide Spray is sure to become a staple in your tack room and first aid kit. 
  • Protects and helps heal wounds in areas that are hard to bandage.
  • Supports natural skin regeneration.
  • Soothes and disinfects.
  • Creates protective film against wound secretions, sweat, urine, and water.

Made In Germany.